You already manage your tweets. Now, manage the people you follow.

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About FlockOfBirds

FlockOfBirds lets you quickly find relevant, interesting people to follow.

It analyzes the network of people you follow and figures out the most popular people in your network, and the people with similar interests. Then, you can navigate down this list of people you follow and sort their lists of followed accounts similarly, finding new people.

You can also share findings directly from the app. Who are the most popular people in your network? Who were the accounts you followed most recently?

New in Version 2.3!

  • You can now sort your follower list as well to quickly decide who to follow back
  • Push notifications: On the App icon, FlockOfBirds shows how many new followers you have
  • Relevance – the new default sorting – combines Network Popularity and Similar Interests
  • You can now reverse the sort order to see who is not important in your network. This is useful for finding people to unfollow

Free download from the App Store!

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